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9 Reasons Older, Wealthy People Want to Make Younger Friends

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Younger agents and advisors sometimes feel they are playing a game they cannot win when it comes to social prospecting.

When they attend events, they assume older people only talk with other older, wealthy people they already know. It’s the like cool kids table in the school lunchroom.

When an agent talks with people their own age, either the other person doesn’t have much money or they are also in sales and start selling to them!

Can the younger advisor gain a foothold in the older, established, wealthy community? The answer is yes.

You’re attending an event. You see a community leader, business owner or philanthropist standing alone. Why should you walk up and start a conversation? Why would they want to know you?

For nine ideas about how to do that, see the gallery.

You might assume older people assume young people “don’t know much” or don’t share the same values. You bring a lot to the table if you start the relationship based on respect.

Credit: Koldunova Anna/Shutterstock/DAMS