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Pediatric Nephrology

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Discussion 1: Edema

New Edema Site

A discussion of pediatric disorders presenting with Edema, such as:
  • Allergic Syndromes
  • Cirrhotic Syndromes
  • Cardiac Syndromes
  • Gastrointestinal Syndromes
  • Nephrotic Syndromes
  • Nephritic Syndromes

Discussion 2: Pediatric Acute Renal Failure and Renal Replacement Therapy

Frank Tenney MD, Medical Director

Division of Pediatric Nephrology, Children's Hospital of Greenville Hospital System

Pediatric Update for the Upstate 2002

  • A Pediatric program designed to increase our awareness of new treatments and therapies for the pediatric population.

Discussion 3: Renal Tubular Acidosis

  • Case presentations illustrating various aspects of renal tubular dysfunction in pediatrics

Discussion 4: Hematuria

Discussion 5: Urinary Tract Infection
  • Case Presentation

Discussion 6: The Abnormal Urinalysis - Hematuria and Proteinuria
  • Case Presentations illustrating diagnostic features of the urinalysis

Discussion 7: Hypertension in Childhood

Hypertension: Fellows

Discussion 8: NSAID, APAP, and Kids
Discussion 9: Proteinuria Clinical Pathological Conference
Discussion 10: PALS slides
Discussion 11: Fluids / Electrolytes

Student's Information

Fluids / Electrolytes Revised

Waiting for Kidney

Practical Pediatrics

May 12, 2006

Fellows Talk

The Young Kidney

Noon Conference: Glomerular Disease

Morning Report: PIAGN/HUS

Journal Club - Lipids


Journal Club - FSGS

Journal Club - Phosphate Binders


Diabetes and the kidney